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international society of arboriculture

* Pacific Northwest Research Station, issue 126 September 2010

Trees make cents: research findings* 

Citywide, street trees add $1.1 billion to Portland, Oregon's property value, or $45 million a year.  Annual maintenance costs of $4.6 million are a small fraction of the tree's value.

Georgian Tree Experts exclusive trees to go  commercial tree care program

for municipalities, golf courses and commercial property owners

Trees To Go is a commercial tree care program designed exclusively by Georgian Tree Experts with the commercial property owner in mind.  This is not the standard tree maintenance program, rather Trees To Go is a fully integrated tree asset management system designed to manage your trees as a valuable, tangible asset.  

​Often forgotten, trees add significant value and worth to your commercial operation.  How do you ensure you are managing this asset properly - ensuring the highest quality, preparing for unplanned events, and minimizing risk?  

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